Dates, Limos, and…..Guns?

It’s that time of year again! For thousands of high school students across the nation, it’s homecoming season. And that means…

For guys, it’s the time to muster up all your courage to ask your special lady to the dance.

For gals, it’s the time to pick out pretty dresses and to get your hair and make up done. And, of course, make sure your dad doesn’t murder your date at your doorstep.

Everyone either has or knows of someone who has an overprotective father. On the night of homecoming, the daughter may feel embarrassed of her father, and her date may even be scared away (in worst case scenarios). It is, however, understandable why fathers channel their inner Captain Von Trapp (The Sound of Music) or Philip Banks (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air). They want only the best for their precious daughters, which means that they want to be certain that no boys will harm their girls in any way. It would be nightmarish for any father if his daughter were to be “stolen” by some boy, as in the case of Brabantio (Othello). It is simply part of a father’s nature.

Moreover, it is simply a part of life to want the best for our loved ones.


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