“I Really Didn’t Know”

This song, originally by a woman named Lim Hee Sook, tells of a woman’s thoughts and experiences after she is abandoned by her lover. Of course, here, the meaning of abandonment is up for interpretation. The woman’s lover may have actually abandoned her for another or just because he lost his once deep affection for her. Or, he may have loved her so much that he kept secret a terminal illness that she had no knowledge of prior to his passing. Or, it can mean what ever you think it means. In any case, such abandonment may lead to a number of consequences, such as emotional scars and suicide. But on the other hand, it may also lead to opportunities to find new love and more happiness.

Anywho, you don’t have to understand Korean in order to feel the woman’s pain and intense agony. Despite their young ages, EXO’s Chen and Baekhyun did a wonderful job portraying such emotions.

I suggest giving this video two views: once while actually watching and reading the English translation of the lyrics, and once with closed eyes and an open mind. Music is a universal language – the language itself may be different, but the music is the same.

Give this video a chance (or two) and comment below!


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