Frustration: The Ups and Downs

Two of my closest friends and I have recently been working on a project to fulfill a need of some sort. It was decided that we would encourage recycling throughout the community by personally constructing and delivering unique stylized recycling bins, beginning with the local high school. For example, a combination of


However, issues such as administrative approval, funding, and construction methods popped up. We had multiple sittings where we just discussed the possibilities (some of which resulted in really great ideas), but in the end the idea was scrapped. Since we had experience with this type of project in the past, we thought it would be fairly easy to execute. Not only would it be beneficial to the school, but it would also help raise awareness of the importance of recycling.

Going into this project, we were either too ambitious, too presumptuous, or both. This may have been one of the reasons why we harbored such negative emotions when the project didn’t work out the way we wanted it to.

But negative emotions aside, my friends and I thought it would be best to take the weekend to brainstorm other project ideas. On the second day, one of my friends suggested an idea that I thought was going to work for sure this time. Fast-forward a few days…the idea was scrapped. At this point, the three of us were ready to pull out each other’s hair. We had a great replacement idea, but no one could agree on the specifics. What was liked by two people was rejected by the third, yet the third didn’t have any other suggestions. What was a person to do?


After a cool off period, I pulled up a video that I had seen the night before. Completely unrelated? Yes. Did we come up with our project idea? Yes. I won’t share what it is exactly yet though, just in case it doesn’t work out. But we loved how a single question could make so many people speechless. The mood, the filming style, the sentimentality…everything.

It goes to show that frustration does sometimes lead to good things. We all get frustrated, whether it is due to an indecisive friend, an overbearing boss, or a mysterious ticking noise in the room, etc etc. Whatever the case may be, it is important to take a breather. Step away from the problem, then come back with a clearer mind. You’ll be surprised at what ten problem-free minutes can do.


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