What Makes A Human

tumblr_megw6gG35Q1qggwnvo1_1280Photo By: Brandon Stanton, Humans of New York

The focus of this blog has always been on universal languages, but it seems to me that I’ve failed to deconstruct said “languages” to their core: humans. Being human is the one thing that ties each and every one of us together. But what exactly makes a human?

Is it the blood running through our veins? Or the heart that keeps us alive?

The innovative mind? The intelligence beyond compare?

Or is it the warm fuzzies we get when watching old home videos?

Is it individualism? Social order? Service to one another?

Is it love? Passion? Emotion?

Is it the act of helping the elderly cross the street? Or saving a cat from a tree?

Or is it the act of buying children candy? Nurturing them until they can fend for themselves.

Really, what makes us human?


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