Sometimes You Just Gotta Make The Kill

Recent circumstances have taught me that waiting for the prey to approach me in the shadows is extremely tiring and somewhat frustrating. I’m hungry, and time is running out. Kudos to the animal kingdom for having this method figured out, but I need my meal and I need it now. Sometimes you just have to make the kill.

Cheetah HD Wallpaper 01

I have just shy of two months left to film as many interviews with seniors and staff/faculty members at my school as possible. The big struggle? Very few people are signing up for this project. But before you all scratch your head in confusion, I’ll start from square one.

A while back I wrote a post about how I was feeling frustrated about a huge project I was working on with two friends. You can check it out here: Frustration: The Ups and Downs. Well, we settled on a reflective project that was inspired by Yale University’s version of “Fifty People, One Question.”

As you can see, the question asked of the Yalies was very thought-provoking and reflective. That is the exact effect my friends and I were going for, which is why we decided to remix this idea and apply it to our own campus. As college looms around the corner and senior year begins to draw its curtains to a close, we want our fellow seniors to take some time to reflect on their own high school experience.

Our project is officially known as Dear Baron Me (Barons are our school mascot). The final product is a five-part video series that will be shared schoolwide. There is one video for each grade level – freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior – that consists of seniors answering a grade-specific question. Every senior randomly answers a “freshman,” “sophomore,” or “junior” question and one of two “senior” questions. There is also a special staff and faculty video in which we ask them to reflect on their own high school experiences. In order to capture our subjects reflecting, the questions are kept in top secret until they actually partake in the interview.

There are 881 seniors at our school – it’s quite a statistic. The three of us have no background in advertisement or publicity but didn’t want anyone to feel left out. So in addition to creating a Facebook page and Instagram account, we invested hours into making these:


Due to lack of (wo)manpower, materials, and time, we only made 250 or so of these bad boys. We hoped that the seniors who received one would share with their friends, eventually spreading the news throughout the student body. Unfortunately it didn’t work as well as we had thought. We’ve changed our plan of attack since then to creating a single GoogleForm where seniors could sign themselves up for a time slot. All updates are shared on official Dear Baron Me accounts and our personal accounts, but the response is still lackluster. (If any of you guys have any helpful tips, I’d be more than grateful!) After more thought, we decided to make things even more “official” by creating our very own logo and t-shirt.

Because all official teams have logos and t-shirts.

The clock is symbolic of turning back time to make room for reflection. The clock hands are at nine and twelve – freshman and senior year. One Baron is youthful; the other has aged. It’s a fun logo that will hopefully capture the attention of our peers.

dbm blog

Above is also a sneak peek of our filming process. We’ve been trying to make the ambiance as casual and personal as possible, but it seems that our peers are afraid of the term “interview.” Are there any ways to make our interviewees feel like they’re speaking directly to us and not to the camera? If so, I’d really like to know.

I guess this is where making the kill comes in. Up until now, we’ve been promoting our project while waiting for the seniors to come to us. With less than two months left until our deadline, we really need to step up our game. Would it be uncomfortable if we used a more forward approach and make the first move? It’s difficult to come up to them during times like lunch because too many other students are around.

Please help me.

I’m starting to feel desperate. But as for the time being, we are planning on asking for advice from our friends who are experienced in film-making and advertising. We’ll update our pages more, give more sneak peeks, and keep sharing our stuff. If that still doesn’t increase the level of interest, we’ll have to resort to “Hi, can we move to a quieter location and ask you a question or two for our project?” Hopefully we won’t have to.


Dear Baron Me is a huge project. Those who have already participated are very excited about the final product. There are definitely high hopes and expectations, so I don’t want to disappoint. Again, if you’ve ever been stuck in a similar nutshell or have some ideas, please feel free to leave a comment. Or, if you would like to check out our pages, stop by our Facebook or Instagram

And that concludes my longest post thus far. If you’ll excuse me, I have some prey I need to hunt. Until next time! (:


2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Gotta Make The Kill

  1. I definitely think you should directly approach people. Well, not awkwardly like at lunch or something when they’re in a group. But, say, ask all your friends in class if they would be willing to answer a question on camera. The word “interview” definitely makes it sound worse than it really is, so just ask them to talk!

    After you directly ask all your friends (and I mean all of them), you’ll probably be rejected a lot, but you’ll definitely at least find some more people for your project. Then, what you have to do is ask them to ask their friends if they would want to participate as well! If they ask their friends, there’s a pretty good chance that they’ll also find people who would want to participate.

    The first people to directly ask is your English class, because all of us are doing an innovation project too and know how difficult it can be to get the project up and running.

    That being said, great post! If this is your longest post, maybe you should make more posts like this, because it was totally insightful and felt honest. Keep pushing through, both on your blog and your project! 🙂

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