Dream College? What Dream College?

What does it mean to have a dream college? To me, personally, I am torn between even the idea of having a dream college.

UntitledNow that the college admissions process is drawing to a close, I’ve experienced both relief and sadness. I am no where near as disappointed as I thought I would be. I will be attending UCLA in the fall as a Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology major with a possible minor in Korean, or psychology, or both. Though UCLA was my third choice, it is an amazing institution that I’ve always wanted to attend. It’s close to home, located in one of the most innovative cities in the world, and is home to one of the most highly regarded medical centers in the nation (a huge huge plus for a pre-med like me).

Still, I have moments where I wonder about what could have been. If we are all so worthy as the admissions representatives say, what differentiates those who are accepted from those who aren’t? If I sound bitter, I don’t mean to be – I’m just truly curious.

What ever your opinion is on the whole dream college schpeel, I just have one small thing to share. Someone once told me that a rejection is not a rejection. Instead,  it is a sign that will guide you to where you are meant to be – something that will help you make your next move. Rather than sulking over the rejections, look at all the acceptances. Sometimes you have to not get what you want in order to achieve something greater.


Excuse my poor webcam quality. Taken at a time where college-related worries had not yet overcome me.

To any who have been accepted, congratulations. You most definitely deserved it. Go far.

To any who have been rejected, you will achieve great things regardless of where you attend. You didn’t get into an Ivy or that dream college? Maybe that school isn’t for you. It’s not the end of the world, really. Keep your head held high, and prove to that school that it’s their loss. Shine.


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