Hey, y’all. It has been a little over three weeks since I last made a post, but my life has just been so hectic with the end of senior year fast approaching. Senioritis has also been dragging me down an endless pit of laziness so I’ll just leave a couple notes here today.

– Dear Baron Me is almost complete! My friend is making the final edits to the remaining videos, which will then be ready for the world to see very soon.

– I got asked to prom, which totally ruined my plans of staying at home in bed with my giant teddy bear, a hot baguette, Starbucks, and Korean dramas. But you know…who’s complaining?!? Although I’ve never really been one to go to these types of events, I’m willing to give it a try. Fingers are crossed that my friends are right about this whole prom thing. Maybe I’m saving myself from regret in the future..

– Last week was my fourth and final FVHS Orchestra banquet ever. It seemed like just yesterday I was still a little freshman imagining what it would be like to be a senior. At each year’s banquet I would tell myself that I still had time left with this family that I have become a part of over the years. This year I told myself that there were no more orchestra banquets in my future. I think this was when it finally hit me that I’m graduating in two weeks. Le sigh…yet another bittersweet moment. If I feel like this now, how will I be feeling when I’m getting ready to graduate college? Medical school? WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?????

– Freshman15 has begun early and will become Freshman100. Despite all the end-of-the-year projects that I’m currently juggling, I have much more free time now. What does this mean? More time to be bored = more time to eat. Someone help me, because I can already feel the extra pounds packing on.

Until next time.. (:



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