Baby Don’t Cry

I’ve recently finished reading The Awakening by Kate Chopin, so my mind has been full of thoughts on love, happiness, solitude, and sense of self. It definitely gave me good reason to ponder life, which led me to this song by EXO. In the book the female protagonist, Edna, struggles to break free from societal […]

Women and Passivity

Women. Although the female gender has always taken up half the world’s population, it had failed to play such a significant role in society as men had until the feminist movement came about. Traditionally, women are seen as subordinates to men for reasons such as less physical strength and smaller builds. For centuries the role […]

“I Really Didn’t Know”

This song, originally by a woman named Lim Hee Sook, tells of a woman’s thoughts and experiences after she is abandoned by her lover. Of course, here, the meaning of abandonment is up for interpretation. The woman’s lover may have actually abandoned her for another or just because he lost his once deep affection for […]