The (Nonexistent) Calm Before the Storm

In about three weeks time, I will know where I’m going to college. I’M NOT READY FOR THIS. The ticking of the clock is becoming louder and louder, driving me bonkers until the days I receive my admissions decisions. The storm will come, and here I am just waiting for it to happen. It is […]

Truth Is, I’m Dying

Of anxiety, that is. The reason is because it’s March, which is the month during which all e-mails will give me a heart attack. Why? College admissions decisions are coming out. Everything that I’ve ever shed blood, sweat, and tears for has led up to this very (dreaded yet anticipated) month. I know. I know that […]

Be a Boss at Jenga

Sweat is condensing on your brow; the ticking of the clock is pounding in your ear. You stare owl-eyed as you painstakingly pull out a block by the millimeter. To no avail, the entire tower crumbles in front of you and cheers erupt from the competition. Dang it! On the surface level, Jenga is a […]

Sometimes You Just Gotta Make The Kill

Recent circumstances have taught me that waiting for the prey to approach me in the shadows is extremely tiring and somewhat frustrating. I’m hungry, and time is running out. Kudos to the animal kingdom for having this method figured out, but I need my meal and I need it now. Sometimes you just have to […]

Women and Passivity

Women. Although the female gender has always taken up half the world’s population, it had failed to play such a significant role in society as men had until the feminist movement came about. Traditionally, women are seen as subordinates to men for reasons such as less physical strength and smaller builds. For centuries the role […]

December: ‘Tis the Season…

to be jolly  for last minute college application cramming. The coming and going of Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season, which also inevitably means the start of holiday parties, family gatherings, and shopping galore. Unfortunately for thousands of high school seniors across the nation, the holiday season also means that college application deadlines […]