Baby Don’t Cry

I’ve recently finished reading The Awakening by Kate Chopin, so my mind has been full of thoughts on love, happiness, solitude, and sense of self. It definitely gave me good reason to ponder life, which led me to this song by EXO. In the book the female protagonist, Edna, struggles to break free from societal constraints and expectations, including her duty as a mother and wife. She eventually leaves her husband and engages in multiple affairs – none of which ended well, I might add. It deeply saddens me that she wasn’t able to find a reason to live.


“Baby Don’t Cry” is based on the original Little Mermaid (1837) by Hans Christian Andersen. In this version, the Little Mermaid falls in love with a prince after she saves him from shipwreck. Exchanging her beautiful voice for legs in a deal with the Sea Witch, she goes onto land and befriends the Prince. Although she feels excruciating pain from walking, she dances for him. Then, the Prince is ordered to marry a neighboring princess, and he agrees. The Little Mermaid’s sisters give her a knife: if she can slay the Prince in his sleep, she will turn back into a mermaid and live her life. If not, the Sea Witch has said that she will die brokenhearted after the Prince’s marriage. But because she loves him so much, the Little Mermaid fails to kill the Prince, thrusts herself into the sea, and turns into sea foam.


OH, THE FEELZ ARE TOO GREAT. Who’d ever thought it was such a sad love story? TT^TT


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