“I Really Didn’t Know”

This song, originally by a woman named Lim Hee Sook, tells of a woman’s thoughts and experiences after she is abandoned by her lover. Of course, here, the meaning of abandonment is up for interpretation. The woman’s lover may have actually abandoned her for another or just because he lost his once deep affection for […]

Curiosity Doesn’t Always Kill the Cat

Humans are very curious and inquisitive beings. I’m positive that a large majority of us are aware of the common English proverb-idiom-phrase “curiosity killed the cat,” which essentially means that you could be entangling yourself in problems if you’re trying to find out more about something that you don’t necessarily have to or should know. […]

Dates, Limos, and…..Guns?

It’s that time of year again! For thousands of high school students across the nation, it’s homecoming season. And that means… For guys, it’s the time to muster up all your courage to ask your special lady to the dance. For gals, it’s the time to pick out pretty dresses and to get your hair […]